What is Referex?

Affiliate networking and referrals are a billion dollar market with several companies signing up millions of publishers and advertisers.

The facilitation of payments and tracking is a big operation which involves a great amount of trust.

The platform hosts referral programs and facilitates the discovery, tracking and payout of referrals. In essence removing the majority of the friction.


All referrals happen on the blockchain. Info is accessible on the blockchain at anytime and anywhere.


Smart contracts enforce authenticity between the advertiser and publisher. There is no need for trust between parties.


Not controlled by any third party. Advertisers and publishers can collaborate in confidence. No risk of failure.

Referex Platform

Referral programs can be created using the platform. These programs are stored in a decentralised manner on the blockchain.

Advertisers are bound by the smart contract to payout when referrals are registered.

Anyone is able to access the referex platform and join referral programs.

Successful referrals automatically fulfill the contract and payout the reward amount.



At Referex, we don't believe in whitepapers. We believe in products and people.

Catch us at any of our public channels and we will be happy to discuss the project.


Sam Rose

FX Trading Systems - Software Engineer

Sam brings to the table a vast and diverse skill set acquired from his time at one of the top investment banks where he is instrumental to the delivery of the tech behind the FX business. Avid crypto investor and blockchain developer.

Mohammed Nokhbeh

Internet Economy - Software Engineer

Mo is solving tech problems at Scotland's most promising tech company. Working in Growth teams has given him a deep understanding of the marketing landscape. A full stack engineer with passions around blockchain technology.

Sam Mackeddie

Marketing Guru

A new addition to the Referex team, Sam has extensive experience in the PR and hospitality industry. He now holds a prominent position in the Glasgow City Council helping to shape the future of the city. His talents are well placed to drive the Referex marketing strategy.

Bilal Hamid


Bilal is a keen crypto-investor and has been involved in many ICOs, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge in the area. He currently works in the Securities Lending Technology space for a leading Wall Street Investment bank and is excited to take up an advisory role in the Referex crowdsale.



Please excuse the lack of the generic pie chart. Put very simply, the funding will go towards the development of the project.

The pre-sale funding goes towards creating enough runway for the team to focus on the Referex platform.

A successful crowdsale means that we are able to expand the team and make the platform truly global scale.

REFX is a token which creates a community and economy around referrals. The tokens will act as the primary source of payout within the platform.

Do not assume that the tokens are in anyway shape or form a investment or an expectation of profit. The tokens are strictly for use within the Referex platform and provide unique functions within the community.

We will announce details of the main ICO round soon.